In Transilvania cu trenul – fa un trunghi

Am descoperit un traseu interesant de 12 zile propus in varianta engleza de la wikitravel, care iti permite sa caaltoresti cu trenul prin principalele localitati in Transilvania si ce sa vezi prin ele..

Iete o mostra :

# Day 4: Sighisoara to Cluj-Napoca – leave in the morning with train A 1745, departing at 12:55 and arriving in Cluj at 15:58. Cost: 317,000 Lei (approx. $9.30) in 1st class (A or Accelerat aren’t very comfortable in 2nd class). This train has a dining car if you want to eat on board. On arrival in Cluj-Napoca, book a hotel and then visit the city’s many sights. Use this afternoon as your ‘initiation’ into Cluj-Napoca, and don’t rush to visit all the many tourist destinations – the next day is for that. For the time being, it’s best just to take a leisurely stroll among the lovely green parks and the historical areas of the town.
# Day 5: Cluj-Napoca – today you have the whole day to visit Cluj-Napoca. See the Cluj-Napoca article for important sights to visit. Sleep overnight at a hotel in Cluj-Napoca.
# Day 6: Cluj-Napoca to Huedin to Oradea – leave in the morning with train P 3073 (a rural train that stops at every little village), departing at 08:05 and arriving in Huedin at 09:28. Cost: 48,000 Lei (approx. $1.40) in 1st class. This train is fairly limited service and doesn’t run about eight days per month. Once you arrive in Huedin, a small regional (though not rural) town, rent a taxi for the whole day. Huedin isn’t particularly interesting, and “renting” a taxi is possible for around $5-$10 for the whole day (negotiate the price with the driver). Tell the driver to take you around the Apuseni Mountains region, to villages such as Calata, Nearsova, Domosu de Cris, Horlacea, etc. Drivers are usually very friendly, though not all speak English. The Apuseni Mountains region is a great natural tourism experience. In the afternoon, return the Huedin and depart onwards to Oradea with train A 1833, leaving at 16:52 and arriving in Oradea at 18:37. Cost: 172,000 Lei (approx. $5). Upon arrival in Oradea, book a hotel in the city centre and then explore the town. Eat at one of Oradea’s excellent restaurants or pubs if you want. Or, even better, buy yourself a ticket to the Oradea Theatre (the shows are very good, the theatre is extravagantly good and the tickets are very cheap) If you don’t want to visit Huedin and the Apuseni Mountains, then simply catch a train direct from Cluj-Napoca to Oradea and continue the itinerary.

Pe mine m-a amuzat ca s-au dat si numarul trenurilor si preturile… desi acum ar trebui sa fie in lei noi (RON), dar cred ca si mai mari … nu ? :-)

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